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Balsam Pine Tea

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Balsam Pine Tea

Jan Skahl

Balsam trees have many more uses than just Christmas trees. It's branches can be used to make a shelter and a warm bed to lie on. However, the most important use is that it is a good source of vitamins. Balsam contains the highest source of Vitamins A and C. This source comes from the needles and the pulp that is in the middle of the outside bark and the wood. The pulp you can eat or use with the needles to make a tea . To make balsam tea boil the needles until you smell the sent of the balsam. Strain into a filter and enjoy. The best way that I have found is to this is to add a pinch or two of needles in with my coffee grounds in my coffee maker in the morning along with chaga. This makes a nice aromatic coffee. Balsam also helps with diabietes as well. You can also use it in tea and ice tea. You can dry the needles and store them in a coffee can. Just label the lid. I hope everyone finds this useful and enjoys the tea as much as Jan and I do.


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