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Transformation of an Ugly Stone

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Transformation of an Ugly Stone

Jan Skahl

There once was a little ugly stone. A woman found it while taking a stroll one day. She saw something about that little ugly stone that talked to her and intrigded her, so she picked it up and took it home. The woman gave the stone a bath and saw some potential. She told the stone, "I will make you into something beautiful and you will have worth. Someone will find you some day a cherish you. She put the stone into a rock tumbler with a bunch of ugly stones. One week later the woman dumped out the tumbler and bathed the stones to see how they were starting to change. They little ugly stone was starting to show it unique blue gloss. Then it was off to stage 2 and 2 more weeks in the tumbler, another bath, and more beauty and character started to show on all of the stones. However, the little ugly stone was not so ugly anylonger and started to show it's potential. Now to stage three, another week passes and a cute little eye appears. Then stage 4 and onto several stages of buffing on the lap buffer. Wow! This stone looks so amazing. Who would have ever known? How many people walked passed this stone, or maybe even kicked it as they went passed it before the woman took it home.

Now this once ugly stone has become a little, rare blue agate gem with a unique eye. The woman thinks to herself. This would almost look like one of those cute little Minnons if it were yellow, but it is so much more beatiful in blue.

She decides to wire wrap it in a style that will secure the stone, but yet not hide the beautiful features of the stone. She makes 4 attempts then a 5th and puts several hours into trying to get this wire wrap just right. To get it in a way that best suits this beautiful blue agate. Unfortantely, it just was not working out just right and she throughs her hands up and tells the stone, "I am sorry, I just am not understanding how you want to be." She walks away and does other things about her home to work off her frustrations. She thinks to herself, "This is usaully such relaxing work, time consuming, but relaxing. What is it with this stone. This must be for a very special young lady." A few days later the woman is working on other stones and making them into beautiful jewelry and she happens to see the beautiful blue agate there in her tray of work to be done. It is almost as if the stone is telling her, "Try me now, I am ready to tell you what I will become." So, the woman picked up the stone and the wire and tools and listened to the stone in only a way a true artist of this type could understand. She spent a couple hours working the wire and tools around the stone and the stone was finally transferred into a beautiful pendant necklace. One-of-a-kind, beautifull, unique and ready to meet the you lady that was meant to cherish her. Months later at a craft and vendor show, the young lady purchased the beautiful unique necklace, much to her mother's dismay and disbelieve. The mother could not understand how a "polished rock wrapped in a bunch of wire" could be worth so much.

One thing I have learned as an artist, making unique jewelry, is that not everyone is going to get it. Not everyone is going to understand the hard work, long hours, care and love that go into each unique creation. They are not going to understand that this piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and cannot be purchased elsewhere. They are not going to understand that you put a lot of time and money into creating it. There are just some people who just will never get it, but for each of these people there are many more that do. I just try to forgive the ones that do not understand and pray that I never lose my love for creating. I keep in mind the ones who do get it and are out there waiting for that something special. I really hope that young lady enjoys her purchase and the labor of love that went into it.